Wall Panelling is a unique way to add character and warmth to your interiors. Choose from a range of styles from Georgian Style, Classic Style, Shaker Style, Full Height Arts & Crafts Style or Tongue & Groove Style. All our Wainscoting Wall Panelling is custom made so you can be sure it will suit your style and the style of your home.

Wainscoting will help protect your walls from damage and marks too. Traditionally, Wainscoting was used to help protect plasterwork in transitional spaces such as hallways, corridors and stairways. Now Wall Panelling is being used as a beautiful design element in homes, offices and businesses.

Our Wallpanelling is complimented by our bespoke Radiator Covers where required, and all finishes come fully prepared with a white undercoat, ready for a beautiful painted finish to compliment your decor. When finished in a modern and contemporary colourway, Wainscot Panelling creates unique interest; beautifully dresses any room and also creates the illusion of higher ceilings.

Samples of all the style options are available to view in our showroom today

Georgian Style

Our new Georgian Style Panelling comes with hardwood mouldings, dado rail, top edge trim and 8″ Skirting Board and also with matching Radiator Covers if required. Primed with white undercoat, all come ready for a top coat.

Classic Style

Our Classic Style has full recessed flat panels with a hardwood trim and an elegant dado rail. The simple and clean lines complement any room. Complete with a moulded dado rail and Radiator Covers if required, our Classic Style wainscoting is beautifully timeless.

Shaker Style

With its clean, modern lines, choose our Shaker Style wainscoting for a more contemporary feel. As each panel is crafted individually, our shaker style panels looks great with any style or in any colour. Our Classic radiator cover compliments this panel style beautifully.

Full Height Arts & Crafts Style

Our Arts & Crafts Style trim provides a more traditional look and feel to your room. It’s full height style can be tailored to suit your ceiling height. A choice of Radiator Covers will compliment your chosen Panel Style.

Tongue & Groove Style

Tongue, Groove & V real wood sheeting gives a more rustic look and feel to your home or business. Topped with a complimentary wood moulding, whether it is the cottage or farmhouse look you are going for, our Tongue & Groove Style will enhance any traditional decor. As with all our Wainscoting, our T,G & V style, comes prepared with a white undercoat and ready for finishing.

Radiator Covers

All our Radiator Covers are hand-made to order and to compliment our Wall Panelling. Available in a choice of styles, our beautiful and bespoke radiator covers are both functional and stylish and are made to fully integrate with your chosen Panelling. As with our Wainscot Panelling, all our Radiator Covers come fully prepared with a white undercoat and ready for painting.

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