Beautiful Wooden Shutters never go out of style and provide a modern and elegant finishing touch to any home

Our interior, made-to-measure Plantation Shutters are hand crafted using only the finest quality materials, including phoenix wood (a light-weight bleached hardwood) and grove wood (made from premium hard wood), and we also work with an entry-level shutter, available from our MDF (medium density fibreboard) range.

Vienna is our waterproof range and is made from a very tough and resilient material. Plantation Shutters are an excellent investment, lasting for years and adding value to your home.

Our Shutters create a stunning visual effect, framing your windows perfectly and bringing warmth and style to your living spaces.

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5 Thousand

We’re proud to have fitted over 5 thousand shutters in homes and businesses over the last 10 years

These Shutter Blinds are the look of love, exceptional quality and style. Their fitting is of the highest standard and their after sales is second to none.

Ann Creamer

Plantation Shutters in Cork, Kerry, Waterford, Clare, Limerick and Tipperary

We are the experts in designing, surveying and fitting the Sandringham range of Shutters and have completed in excess of 5000 plantation shutter projects in Cork City and County Cork, Kerry and Limerick, Tipperary, Clare and Waterford.

With their elegant and minimal appearance, Plantation Shutters will transform and modernise your home, both inside and out.

The Willow & Weave Experience

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We have a dedicated plantation shutters showroom where we can show you our range and chat through your requirements

Home Consultation

Once we have an idea of what you need our shutters consultant, Tom, will visit your home to take exact measurements and provide a quote

Expert Install

Your shutters will be installed by our in-house carpenters that have been specially trained in the UK in Shutter Training Schools

Completed Shutters Work

A selection of plantation shutters jobs we have completed recently, click to enlarge.

Sandringham Plantation Shutters

Our painted or stained Shutters are low maintenance too, so will look beautiful for years to come. We are Munster agents for the top quality Sandringham range of Plantation Shutters. The Sandringham range is, we believe, the most comprehensive and best quality range of Shutters on the Irish market.

We offer all 6 ranges, from the Classic range, made from MDF, to the Grovewood range, which is made from a premium white teak hardwood.

We offer 117 colours across all 6 ranges. The more popular whites, off-whites and creams are available across all 6 ranges.

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Why choose Plantation Shutters?

There are many reasons for considering Plantation Shutters as a window treatment and here are some of the main reasons:

  • As affordable as made-to-measure curtains
  • Modern, contemporary and on-trend
  • Great insulation qualities
  • Super for noise reduction
  • Great for privacy, light control and light blocking
  • Great for allergy sufferers
  • Child safe
  • Can be made to fit most windows including most unusual and awkward shapes
  • A huge choice of timbers, colours and styles to choose from
  • Will add value to your home
  • Extremely practical, durable and low maintenance
  • Can be specified with locks for added security

Plantation Shutters are also known as Shutter Blinds, Louvre Shutters, Wooden Shutters, Timber Shutters, Internal Shutters or simply Wood Shutters.

From the initial visit of the Surveyor,to measure and advise me on my requirements,to the fitting of the shutters an excellent job was done, they look fantastic
Marie Calnan

Our Team

Our own qualified carpenters are an essential part of the shutter team at Willow & Weave.

Tom Casey our surveyor, and our two in-house carpenters Brian and Dave, have between them in excess of 25 years Plantation Shutter installation experience and have attended Plantation Shutter training courses in Ireland and the UK.

We pride ourselves on being very competitive on price, but our expertise shines through in the quality of our shutters and the craftsmanship of our installations.

Our Showroom

We have a beautiful Plantation Shutter showroom – dedicated to shutters, wainscoting wall-panelling and radiator covers. If you would like to view our superb range of plantation shutters, please come and visit us in our showrooms on the Pouladuff Road where we can also discuss your specific requirements with you and guide you through our extensive range.

If you would like some guidance as to which shutters would best suit your home, or if you’d like to get an idea of price, please feel free to call us on 021 4320111 – we are happy to offer practical advice and information.

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The Benefits of Plantation Shutters

There are several practical considerations that make timber Plantation Shutters an excellent solution for window coverings.

The Shutters themselves are easy to clean and built to last, both important factors when investing in home furnishings.

Louvred Shutters also allow you to control the amount of light entering your room, either by adjusting the angle of the slats or by folding back the shutters completely, and have excellent sound-deadening qualities.

During the summer months, wooden shutters can create shade, protect your furnishings from direct sunlight and reduce glare, while allowing air to circulate.

In winter the additional layer of insulation provided by plantation shutters can help to save energy and reduce heating costs.

Wooden Plantation Shutters can also be used to create privacy, particularly useful for ground floor windows or areas where you may be overlooked.

The split shutters provide privacy from the street at the bottom while the upper shutters allow maximum light when fully opened. Good quality shutters and an excellent service!
Mary O’Brien

Plantation Shutter Styles

Three different Plantation Shutter styles are available in all ranges:
  1. Full-height plantation shutters cover the entire window and are also suitable for French Doors.
  2. Café-style plantation shutters cover only the bottom half of a window, maximising light while creating a little privacy.
  3. Tier-on-tier plantation shutters consist of two sets of shutters, one set fitted above the other and each set operating independently of each other.
In addition to the different styles and colours, we also have a choice of louvre blade sizes within each of our ranges so we are confident you will find the perfect Plantation Shutters for your home at Willow & Weave.

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How do I choose the most suitable type and style of Plantation Shutters to suit my requirements?

All the windows in Irish homes are off-standard – that is to say, there is no standard house window size in Ireland. Generally speaking, each plantation shutter is custom made to fit a particular window or door opening and the most popular colours are white and off-white. The bottom line for most people is that they want a high-quality Shutter; one that has a beautiful white or off-white painted finish and which will last a very long time, but at an affordable price!

If this is the case, why specify a very expensive variety of timber when the wood will be sealed and painted? If you want a painted Shutter, it may make sense to consider a Shutter manufactured from LDF (low-density fibre board) or a Shutter that has frames manufactured from engineered timber. Plantation Shutters manufactured from LDF or from engineered basswood can look as beautiful as any other painted Shutter, and will also last for years to come. In fact, many would argue that Plantation Shutters manufactured from engineered basswood are more stable and less prone to warping than solid framed shutters.

If you decide on a wood colour for your louvre Shutters, it is important to choose a timber that is beautiful, lightweight and stable – especially if your windows are large. Larger windows need bigger and heavier shutters and this weight can put a severe strain on hinges and the joints which, on cheaper products, can lead to the Shutters sagging over time.

Our Shutters are exceptionally well made, have long-lasting UV resistant finishes and a unique style that will enhance contemporary or traditional interior styles in any home.

As a satisfied customer, I would whole heartedly recommend Tom and his team to prospective customers.

May Horgan

The Classic Range

Classic is our MDF entry-level Shutter. This is an engineered product made using a LVL core, MDF outer and a polymer coating.

MDF – Medium-density fibreboard is a wood product created by breaking down timber into a powder, which is then mixed with wax and resin and formed into panels by applying high temperature and pressure. It is then constructed using separated fibres, not wood veneers and is much denser than normal particle board. This method of construction ensures complete stability of the finished shutter panels and frames.

LVL – Laminated veneer lumber is an engineered wood product that uses multiple layers of thin wood assembled with adhesive. It is resistant to warping, twisting, bowing or shrinking due to its composite nature.

The Cleveland Range

The Cleveland range uses MDF panels & frames with ABS louvres. The MDF frames are cross-laminated for strength and warp resistance.

The Marchwood Range

Marchwood Shutters are a definite step up in quality. Marchwood (MDF frames with phoenix hardwood panels & louvres. Cross-laminated MDF frames for strength and warp resistance), they utilise the same MDF frames that we use on Classic.

Marchwood Shutters are manufactured to the highest standards using mortise and tenon joints – to ensure prolonged quality and durability – and engineered laminated stiles to prevent warping. Marchwoods are a solid and extremely strong Shutter, which we have priced at a highly competitive level.

The Vienna Range

Our Vienna range is waterproof and is suitable for use in bathrooms, wetrooms and kitchens. Vienna is made with ABS, which is harder than some metals and is totally waterproof. It is also suitable for use in Sunrooms and conservatories.

The Phoenix Range

Ideal for Shutters, Phoenix is a very lightweight hardwood that comes from the Parasol tree. The tree grows to its full height (14 metres) in only eight years and its 8 rings (one for each year of growth) produce a distinctive character and a grain reminiscent of oak, which stands out even when painted.

The timber is solution soaked for a month and after all the moisture is vacuumed out, we are left with a strong but lightweight bleached wood. The bleaching process also leaves the wood almost white and that allows us offer a huge range of stained and painted finishes to our customers. Phoenix Shutters also feature engineered stiles.

The Grovewood Range

The Grovewood range is made from white teak premium hardwood – shows grain when stained – smooth when painted. Its light weight also makes Grovewood particularly suitable for larger size Plantation Shutters as its properties helps eliminate the risk of panels sagging under their own weight, over time.

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