Elegant custom-made curtains create a timeless look and a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home

Our tailor-made curtains are a beautiful way to dress any window in your home. They add a cosy, comfortable feeling in a room that is difficult to replicate with any other type of window furnishing.

Curtains are an excellent way to inject some colour or texture into your home. And they continue to be one of the most popular options for living rooms and bedrooms because of their classic look that will be stunning for years to come.

The Willow & Weave Experience

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We have thousands of beautiful fabrics on display in our showroom. Come discuss your ideas and style with our knowledgeable staff or in-house interior designer. We’ll help you find the perfect fabrics for your home.

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Once your fabric is selected, Tom, our surveyor, will visit your home to discuss your requirements and take exact measurements.

Expert Fitting

Finally, our experienced in-house carpenters will fit your curtains, tracks or poles inside your home, all to your exact requirements.

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The Benefits of Custom-Made curtains from Willow & Weave


All of our curtains are tailor-made to your exact requirements by our highly experienced curtain makers. Their individual treatment and attention to every detail ensures the curtains for your home will drape beautifully and fit perfectly.


The windows in Ireland come in all different shapes and sizes, so it is unusual to find a ready-made curtain that is the right size for the windows in your home. But our custom-made process ensures that your curtains perfectly frame your windows. This attention to detail matters— it pulls a room together and harmonises your entire design scheme.


By choosing custom-made curtains, you get the ability to pick everything from the fabric and lining to the headings and trims. With your input, we design curtains that are individualised to fit your style.

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Choosing the fabric for your curtains will be the most important—and potentially the most enjoyable—decision you will make during the design process. Before choosing your fabric, consider the look you want to evoke in your home. Linen could be perfect for your relaxed living room, but velvet may be better for your sophisticated master bedroom.

During your consultation, simply tell us about the style you have in mind and we’ll show you the the fabrics which will create that look.

Colour is the next thing to consider when choosing the perfect fabric. Whether you want to layer soft neutrals, create a relaxed look with pastels or design a dramatic focal point, we have fabrics to suit every taste and look.

The decision to go plain or patterned with your curtains is also an important choice, but one we are happy to offer guidance on in-store. The choice between plain or patterned depends upon the look you want to create as well as the furniture and accessories which are already in your space.

Our patterned options include textured, floral, stripes, geometrics and abstract prints, so we’ll be able to find just what you need to complete your room’s look.


Since we stock a number of premium, well-known brands, your choice of fabric extends well beyond our showroom. We can make gorgeous curtains in any fabric from:

Curtain Headings

After you select your fabric, it’s time to choose a heading for your curtains. Your choice will be influenced by the fabric you’ve selected as well as the style of your room.
Your choices for headings:

French Pleat – This elegant tailored heading, sometimes called a Triple Pinch Pleat, creates a lovely full curtain that drapes beautifully. You can choose how deep to make your heading: 6″, 8″ and 10″ are all popular choices. A curtain with this heading can be hung on a pole or track, and it’s perfect for a more formal and sophisticated style.

Double Pinch Pleat – An ideal option for a home with a contemporary style. As a pared down version of the French Pleat, it uses slightly less fabric. Its depth will also impact the final look of the curtain. This heading, which can be hung on a pole or track, suits most fabrics and creates a beautiful, elegant look.

Wave – Create a simple, modern look, ideal for a home that embodies clean lines. Curtains with this heading tend to be neat and stack back easily to the side. We’ll show you the specific tracks which suit finished curtains with this heading. Pair with lightweight fabric that drapes effortlessly to complement the heading’s modern aesthetic.

Eyelets – An eyelet curtain creates a look similar to the wave heading as it evokes a simple and contemporary style. Lightweight fabrics suit this curtain heading which must be paired with specific metal curtain poles.

Pencil Pleat– This gathered pleat creates a relaxed and casual look that especially suits a kitchen or a bedroom. Choose between 3″ and 6″ regis tape to create this heading which can be hung on tracks and curtain poles. Most fabrics drape beautifully with a Pencil Pleat heading and create a final look that is classic and timeless.

Curtain Linings

The right lining for your curtain, another important choice to make, ensures that your fabric drapes in a lovely way. Certain linings can also block light and prevent heat loss.

Sateen – A good quality standard lining. This lining helps protect the fabric against fading while allowing light to softly diffuse through the fabric. This lining is perfect for curtain fabric with good weight and in rooms where blackout isn’t required.

Blackout – A heavier lining that blacks the light and keeps colours and patterns looking vibrant. This lining is a must-have in bedrooms and also popular in living rooms and dining rooms.

Sateen fleece – A light layer of fleece is added to the lining. This is a good option for keeping a room warm and adding weight to lighter fabrics. Ideal for silky fabrics or rooms that tend to be on the cool side.

Interlining – The ultimate lining option for creating a lovely full curtain that drapes beautifully. Interlinings also produce the best thermal option. The finished curtain has three layers: the fabric itself, the interlining and the lining (usually sateen).

Curtain Poles & Tracks

The right curtain pole or track adds the finishing touch to your curtains and visual impact to your interior. We have a large selection of metal poles available in an extensive range of colours and styles including chrome, antique brass and black as well as finial options such as ball, urn and crystal. The diameters of our metal poles range from 28mm to 50mm to suit nearly any space. Visit us to see the beautiful wood pole options on display in our showroom. Our large selection ranges from simple and understated to bespoke hand-painted designer collections. Whites, greys and oak colours continue to be popular, classic choices. Our large range of track options include corded, hand-drawn and motorised. We have something to suit any window type or to fit any unusual space. Curtain tracks are often the best option for bay or L-shaped windows. When you visit the showroom, simply show us a picture of the window you want to dress and we’ll help you select the best option for your home.

Tiebacks & Trims

A coordinating tieback for your curtains is not only a practical choice, but ensures that your curtains drape beautifully when open. A simple metal holdback to match your pole could be perfect in a contemporary space, while a fabric tieback that matches your curtain fabric could add an essential accent in a cosy bedroom. Trims or tassels offer a unique, lovely way to finish your curtain. They enable you to introduce an accent colour into your space and convey a bit of personality. Trims also add a sweet, playful touch to a curtain in a child’s bedroom.

Cushions & Upholstery

Many of our curtain fabric collections come with coordinating upholstery options. A complimentary fabric for scatter cushions or re-upholstery brings the design of a room together by seamlessly blending the colours and textures of your curtains with the rest of your space. Best of all, handmade cushions guarantee there’s no time wasted in searching for a suitable ready-made option; you’ll know that the handmade result will be the perfect shape and size for your furniture.

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