Commercial Parasols

We supply a wide range of commercial parasols from large classic parasols to square and rectangular options. Parasols are an excellent way of providing coverage in a large area quickly and easily. They not only provide a sheltered area for customers, but also serve as a sunscreen.

Our commercial parasols are also easy to customise to suit your business. Various colours and styles are available as well as sign printing. To make your outdoor area inviting throughout the year, opt for a parasol with heating or lighting and create the perfect atmosphere for your customers.


Windbreakers or terrace screens are a great way of maximising your outside space. Not only do they create a sense of privacy from passers-by but they are an excellent way of shielding alfresco areas from the wind.
In commercial settings, windbreakers improve your street level presence and they are available in a range of sizes and colours to suit your brand. For a unique look, choose your company colours and logo to decorate your terrace screens. These screens are a simple and effective way of creating a relaxing outdoor area for your customers.

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